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Guided Choice Dispute Resolution – A New Approach That Might Boost A Mediation’s Chances Of Success

The earlier a case can be settled the better. But what is the right moment to attempt a mediation?  While it is good to try to mediate as early as possible, some mediations fail because the parties find out they were not yet ready to have a meaningful settlement discussion.

Guided Choice is a process where the parties retain a mediator early in a dispute, but, at least initially, not to conduct a settlement discussion. Rather, after confidential conferences with each side, the mediator makes a determination as to whether the case is ripe for a settlement discussion. If not, the mediator determines what issues preclude having a productive settlement discussion, and proposes a procedure designed to get the parties to the right point as quickly as possible. This could involve getting certain discovery done up front, presenting a motion on a key issue to a judge or arbitrator, getting other parties involved, or having one or both sides prepare expert reports on damages. Once those tasks have been completed, a mediated settlement discussion can take place.

Think you can decide for yourself when mediation is appropriate? Probably. Would having a neutral involved be useful? Probably. If you would like more information on this cutting-edge ADR process, give me a call or take a look at this web site:  https://gcdisputeresolution.com/