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After litigating complex civil cases in courtrooms across the country for over 30 years, Jonah Orlofsky now devotes his full practice to mediation and arbitration. Since getting trained as a mediator over 10 years ago, Jonah has mediated over 500 cases of every kind, including employment matters, insurance coverage disputes, class actions, breach of fiduciary duty, attorney-client fee disputes, foreclosure, family disputes, intra-organizational issues, and consumer matters. Jonah also teaches, lectures and publishes extensively on matters relating to mediation.

Jonah believes in preparing for a mediation like he used to prepare for trial. He carefully reviews all the materials submitted and talks to the parties extensively before the mediation ever begins, so as to ensure that he has as thorough an understanding as is possible about what the parties need. Jonah does not believe in using one, set, style of mediation. Rather, he has studied a wide range of mediation methods and attempts to tailor his approach in each case to the specific needs of the parties in that case. Perhaps the most important “style,” however, is to keep pressing forward until the case settles or the parties have truly and absolutely reached impasse.

Jonah is an approved mediator in the Cook County Law and Chancery Divisions, the Lake and Will County mediation programs, the American Arbitration Association’s Panel of Neutral Mediators and FINRA’s panel of neutrals. Jonah also does extensive pro bono for the Center for Conflict Resolution (where he was named Peacemaker of the Year), the Kane County Child Protection Program and Lawyers for the Creative Arts.


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